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NY Mets 6, Miami 2
When: 4:10 PM ET, Monday, August 5, 2019
Where: Citi Field, New York City, New York
Temperature: 80°
Umpires: Home - Jim Wolf, 1B - Roberto Ortiz, 2B - Dan Iassogna, 3B - Manny Gonzalez
Final Scoring Summary
Miami 010001000261
NY Mets 10122000-660
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Top 1st
Jon Berti singles to right.
Jon Berti steals second.
Isan Diaz on a fielder's choice fielded by Amed Rosario, reaches first. Jon Berti out at third.
Garrett Cooper strikes out, catcher to first. Isan Diaz out at first.
Bottom 1st
NY Mets Jeff McNeil homers to right.
Amed Rosario lines out to right.
Michael Conforto hit by pitch.
Pete Alonso strikes out.
J.D. Davis lines out to right.
Top 2nd
Miami Brian Anderson doubles to left.
Starlin Castro doubles to center. Brian Anderson scores.
Harold Ramirez grounds out, pitcher to first.
Lewis Brinson flies out to center.
Jorge Alfaro walks.
Robert Dugger flies out to right.
Bottom 2nd
NY Mets Todd Frazier grounds out, second to first.
Tomas Nido strikes out.
Juan Lagares walks.
Jacob deGrom flies out to left.
Top 3rd
Miami Jon Berti doubles to left.
Isan Diaz pops out to third.
Garrett Cooper strikes out.
Brian Anderson flies out to right.
Bottom 3rd
NY Mets Jeff McNeil grounds out, second to first.
Amed Rosario homers to center.
Michael Conforto flies out to left.
Pete Alonso strikes out.
Top 4th
Miami Starlin Castro strikes out.
Harold Ramirez grounds out, shortstop to first.
Lewis Brinson strikes out.
Bottom 4th
NY Mets J.D. Davis walks.
Todd Frazier hit by pitch. J.D. Davis to second.
Tomas Nido pops out on infield fly rule to third.
Juan Lagares walks. J.D. Davis to third. Todd Frazier to second.
Jacob deGrom singles to center. J.D. Davis scores. Todd Frazier scores. Juan Lagares to second.
Jeff McNeil lines into a double play, shortstop to second. Juan Lagares out at second.
Top 5th
Miami Jorge Alfaro strikes out.
Robert Dugger flies out to center.
Jon Berti strikes out.
Bottom 5th
NY Mets Amed Rosario singles to shortstop.
Michael Conforto walks. Amed Rosario to second.
Pete Alonso singles to center. Amed Rosario scores. Michael Conforto to second.
Michael Conforto on wild pitch, advances to third. Pete Alonso to second.
J.D. Davis out on a sacrifice fly to right. Michael Conforto scores.
Todd Frazier lines out to left.
Tomas Nido flies out to center.
Top 6th
Miami Isan Diaz homers to center.
Garrett Cooper grounds out, first to pitcher.
Brian Anderson pops out to second.
Starlin Castro flies out to right.
Bottom 6th
NY Mets Tayron Guerrero enters game as pitcher. Robert Dugger leaves the game.
Juan Lagares walks.
Jacob deGrom strikes out.
Jeff McNeil on a fielder's choice out, reaches first, first. Juan Lagares to second. Juan Lagares on error by Garrett Cooper, advances to second.
Amed Rosario strikes out.
Michael Conforto grounds out, shortstop to first.
Top 7th
Miami Harold Ramirez strikes out.
Lewis Brinson grounds out, third to first.
Jorge Alfaro strikes out.
Bottom 7th
NY Mets Wei-Yin Chen enters game as pitcher. Lewis Brinson leaves the game.
Curtis Granderson enters the game, playing left field. Tayron Guerrero leaves the game.
Harold Ramirez moves from left field to center field.
Pete Alonso strikes out.
J.D. Davis lines out to pitcher.
Todd Frazier walks.
Tomas Nido grounds out to first.
Top 8th
Miami Justin Wilson enters game as pitcher. Jacob deGrom leaves the game.
Martin Prado enters game as pinch hitter, replacing Curtis Granderson.
Martin Prado singles to right.
Yadiel Rivera enters game as pinch runner, replacing Martin Prado.
Jon Berti grounds into a force out, pitcher to shortstop. Yadiel Rivera out at second. Jon Berti to first.
Isan Diaz strikes out.
Garrett Cooper strikes out.
Bottom 8th
NY Mets Jon Berti moves from shortstop to center field.
Harold Ramirez moves from center field to left field.
Yadiel Rivera remains in the game at shortstop.
Juan Lagares strikes out.
Aaron Altherr enters game as pinch hitter, replacing Justin Wilson.
Aaron Altherr flies out into foul territory to right.
Jeff McNeil singles to left.
Amed Rosario strikes out.
Top 9th
Miami Edwin Diaz enters game as pitcher. J.D. Davis leaves the game.
Aaron Altherr remains in the game at left field.
Brian Anderson hit by pitch.
Starlin Castro grounds into a force out, second to shortstop. Brian Anderson out at second. Starlin Castro to first.
Harold Ramirez strikes out.
Miguel Rojas enters game as pinch hitter, replacing Wei-Yin Chen.
Miguel Rojas walks. Starlin Castro to second.
Jorge Alfaro strikes out.