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Washington 5, Miami 4
When: 4:05 PM ET, Saturday, August 22, 2020
Where: Nationals Park, Washington, District of Columbia
Temperature: 85°
Umpires: Home - Chris Segal, 1B - Ryan Wills, 2B - Ramon De Jesus, 3B - Ron Kulpa
Final Scoring Summary
Miami 0000400--472
Washington 201200---561
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Top 1st
Jonathan Villar grounds out, second to first.
Matt Joyce strikes out.
Jesus Aguilar lines out, pitcher to second to first.
Bottom 1st
Washington Trea Turner walks.
Juan Soto strikes out.
Howie Kendrick walks. Trea Turner to second.
Trea Turner on wild pitch, advances to third. Howie Kendrick to second.
Asdrubal Cabrera singles to shortstop. Trea Turner scores.
Josh A. Smith enters game as pitcher.
Kurt Suzuki flies out to left.
Josh Harrison singles to left. Howie Kendrick scores. Asdrubal Cabrera out at third, left to third.
Top 2nd
Miami Corey Dickerson singles to left.
Brian Anderson lines out to right.
Jesus Sanchez strikes out.
Jorge Alfaro grounds out, pitcher to first.
Bottom 2nd
Washington Carter Kieboom strikes out.
Victor Robles grounds out, third to first.
Michael A. Taylor flies out into foul territory to right.
Top 3rd
Miami Magneuris Sierra grounds out to first.
Miguel Rojas strikes out.
Jonathan Villar singles to shortstop.
Jonathan Villar on error by Max Scherzer, advances to second.
Matt Joyce walks. Jonathan Villar to third. Jonathan Villar steals third. Jonathan Villar to third.
Jesus Aguilar strikes out.
Bottom 3rd
Washington Trea Turner doubles to left.
Juan Soto strikes out.
Trea Turner steals third.
Howie Kendrick out on a sacrifice fly to center. Trea Turner scores.
Asdrubal Cabrera flies out to center.
Top 4th
Miami Corey Dickerson flies out to left.
Brian Anderson strikes out.
Jesus Sanchez lines out to center.
Bottom 4th
Washington Kurt Suzuki singles to right.
Josh Harrison singles to right. Kurt Suzuki scores. Josh Harrison on error by Jesus Sanchez, advances to third.
Carter Kieboom walks.
Victor Robles on error by Corey Dickerson, reaches first. Josh Harrison scores. Carter Kieboom to second.
Jesus Tinoco enters game as pitcher.
Michael A. Taylor grounds into a double play, third to second to first. Carter Kieboom to third. Victor Robles out at second. Michael A. Taylor out at first.
Trea Turner walks.
Juan Soto grounds out, pitcher to first.
Jesus Sanchez walks. Jesus Aguilar scores. Corey Dickerson to third. Brian Anderson to second.
Top 5th
Miami Jorge Alfaro grounds out, second to first.
Magneuris Sierra doubles to right.
Miguel Rojas flies out to right.
Jonathan Villar singles to left. Magneuris Sierra scores.
Matt Joyce homers to center. Jonathan Villar scores.
Jesus Aguilar singles to right.
Corey Dickerson singles to shortstop. Jesus Aguilar to second.
Brian Anderson hit by pitch. Jesus Aguilar to third. Corey Dickerson to second.
Kyle Finnegan enters game as pitcher.
Jorge Alfaro strikes out.
Bottom 5th
Washington Howie Kendrick strikes out.
Asdrubal Cabrera grounds out, shortstop to first.
Kurt Suzuki strikes out.
Top 6th
Miami Tanner Rainey enters game as pitcher.
Magneuris Sierra flies out to left.
Miguel Rojas lines out to right.
Jonathan Villar grounds out, second to first.
Bottom 6th
Washington Nick Vincent enters game as pitcher.
Luis Garcia enters game as pinch hitter, replacing Josh Harrison.
Luis Garcia singles to third.
Carter Kieboom grounds into a double play, second to shortstop to first. Luis Garcia out at second. Carter Kieboom out at first.
Victor Robles strikes out.
Top 7th
Miami Luis Garcia remains in the game at second base.
Matt Joyce strikes out.
Jesus Aguilar pops out to second.
Corey Dickerson strikes out.