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St. Louis 12, Detroit 2
When: 2:15 PM ET, Thursday, September 10, 2020
Where: Busch Stadium, St. Louis, Missouri
Temperature: 81°
Umpires: Home - Ryan Blakney, 1B - Paul Clemons, 2B - Lazaro Diaz, 3B - D.J. Reyburn
Attendance: 0
Final Scoring Summary
Detroit 0002000--250
St. Louis 027102---12120
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Top 1st
Victor Reyes strikes out.
Jonathan Schoop strikes out.
Miguel Cabrera strikes out.
Bottom 1st
St. Louis Kolten Wong flies out to right.
Tommy Edman lines out to center.
Paul Goldschmidt strikes out.
Top 2nd
Detroit Jeimer Candelario grounds out to first.
Willi Castro strikes out.
Travis Demeritte walks.
Daz Cameron flies out to right.
Bottom 2nd
St. Louis Paul DeJong grounds out, shortstop to first.
Rangel Ravelo walks.
Yadier Molina homers to left. Rangel Ravelo scores.
Tyler O'Neill walks.
Harrison Bader strikes out.
Tyler O'Neill steals second.
Lane Thomas strikes out.
Top 3rd
Detroit Austin Romine strikes out.
Isaac Paredes singles to right.
Victor Reyes singles to right. Isaac Paredes to third.
Jonathan Schoop grounds into a double play, second to first. Victor Reyes out at second. Jonathan Schoop out at first.
Bottom 3rd
St. Louis Kolten Wong walks.
Tommy Edman doubles to left. Kolten Wong scores.
Paul Goldschmidt walks.
Paul DeJong singles to left. Tommy Edman scores. Paul Goldschmidt to third.
Joe Jimenez enters game as pitcher.
Rangel Ravelo out on a sacrifice fly to left. Paul Goldschmidt scores.
Yadier Molina lines out to center.
Tyler O'Neill homers to left. Paul DeJong scores.
Harrison Bader singles to left.
Lane Thomas homers to left. Harrison Bader scores.
Beau Burrows enters game as pitcher.
Kolten Wong singles to left.
Harrison Bader on passed ball, advances to second.
Tommy Edman flies out to left.
Top 4th
Detroit Miguel Cabrera singles to right.
Jeimer Candelario homers to right. Miguel Cabrera scores.
Willi Castro fouls out to third.
Travis Demeritte strikes out.
Daz Cameron walks.
Austin Romine lines out to center.
Bottom 4th
St. Louis Paul Goldschmidt homers to center.
Paul DeJong flies out to center.
Rangel Ravelo singles to left.
Yadier Molina singles to center. Rangel Ravelo to second.
Tyler O'Neill singles to left. Rangel Ravelo to third. Yadier Molina to second.
Harrison Bader pops out on infield fly rule to second.
Lane Thomas strikes out.
Top 5th
Detroit Isaac Paredes lines out to right.
Victor Reyes grounds out, second to first.
Jonathan Schoop grounds out, third to first.
Bottom 5th
St. Louis Nick Ramirez enters game as pitcher.
Derek Hill enters the game, playing center field. Victor Reyes leaves the game.
Sergio Alcantara enters the game, playing second base. Jonathan Schoop leaves the game.
Kolten Wong grounds out, first to pitcher.
Tommy Edman grounds out, pitcher to second to first.
Austin Dean enters game as pinch hitter, replacing Paul Goldschmidt.
Austin Dean flies out to left.
Top 6th
Detroit Seth Elledge enters game as pitcher.
Matt Carpenter enters the game, playing third base. Paul DeJong leaves the game.
Austin Dean remains in the game at first base.
Tommy Edman moves from third base to shortstop.
Miguel Cabrera grounds out, second to first.
Jeimer Candelario doubles to center.
Willi Castro strikes out.
Travis Demeritte pops out to second.
Bottom 6th
St. Louis Matt Carpenter hit by pitch.
Rangel Ravelo homers to left. Matt Carpenter scores.
Yadier Molina strikes out.
Tyler O'Neill strikes out.
Harrison Bader lines out to left.
Top 7th
Detroit Nabil Crismatt enters game as pitcher.
Daz Cameron flies out to right.
Austin Romine lines out to shortstop.
Isaac Paredes grounds out, second to first.