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Minnesota 5, Detroit 2
When: 7:40 PM ET, Wednesday, September 29, 2021
Where: Target Field, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Temperature: 80°
Umpires: Home - Nestor Ceja, 1B - Chad Whitson, 2B - Tony Randazzo, 3B - Todd Tichenor
Attendance: 17254
Final Scoring Summary
Detroit 0001000012101
Minnesota 30000002-570
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Top 1st
Akil Baddoo strikes out.
Jonathan Schoop grounds out, third to first.
Robbie Grossman singles to center.
Miguel Cabrera strikes out.
Bottom 1st
Minnesota Luis Arraez singles to right.
Byron Buxton singles to shortstop. Luis Arraez to second.
Jorge Polanco homers to center. Luis Arraez scores. Byron Buxton scores.
Josh Donaldson singles to center.
Max Kepler flies out to shortstop.
Miguel Sano strikes out.
Nick Gordon strikes out.
Top 2nd
Detroit Jeimer Candelario singles to right.
Harold Castro singles to left. Jeimer Candelario to second.
Eric Haase grounds into a double play, shortstop to second to first. Jeimer Candelario to third. Harold Castro out at second. Eric Haase out at first.
Niko Goodrum lines out to left.
Bottom 2nd
Minnesota Jake Cave strikes out to home.
Ryan Jeffers grounds out, third to first.
Luis Arraez singles to left.
Byron Buxton flies out to right.
Top 3rd
Detroit Daz Cameron lines out to center.
Akil Baddoo grounds out, third to first.
Jonathan Schoop lines out to center.
Bottom 3rd
Minnesota Jorge Polanco pops out into foul territory to catcher.
Josh Donaldson grounds out, third to first.
Max Kepler grounds out, shortstop to first.
Top 4th
Detroit Robbie Grossman singles to right.
Miguel Cabrera hit by pitch. Robbie Grossman to second.
Jeimer Candelario flies out to center. Robbie Grossman to third.
Harold Castro lines into a force out, pitcher to shortstop. Robbie Grossman scores. Miguel Cabrera out at second. Harold Castro to first.
Eric Haase strikes out.
Bottom 4th
Minnesota Miguel Sano lines out to left.
Nick Gordon flies out to left.
Jake Cave strikes out.
Top 5th
Detroit Niko Goodrum doubles to right.
Daz Cameron strikes out to home.
Akil Baddoo singles to second. Niko Goodrum to third.
Akil Baddoo steals second.
Jonathan Schoop strikes out.
Robbie Grossman lines out to right.
Bottom 5th
Minnesota Jason Foley enters game as pitcher.
Ryan Jeffers strikes out.
Luis Arraez flies out to right.
Byron Buxton strikes out.
Top 6th
Detroit Miguel Cabrera lines out to center.
Jeimer Candelario grounds out, second to first.
Harold Castro singles to center.
Eric Haase singles to left. Harold Castro to second.
Juan Minaya enters game as pitcher.
Niko Goodrum grounds out, pitcher to first.
Bottom 6th
Minnesota Kyle Funkhouser enters game as pitcher.
Jorge Polanco walks.
Josh Donaldson singles to right. Jorge Polanco to second.
Max Kepler pops out on infield fly rule to third.
Miguel Sano flies out to center.
Nick Gordon grounds out, second to first.
Top 7th
Detroit Daz Cameron grounds out, third to first.
Akil Baddoo walks.
Jonathan Schoop grounds out, pitcher to second to first. Akil Baddoo to second.
Tyler Duffey enters game as pitcher.
Robbie Grossman strikes out.
Bottom 7th
Minnesota Derek Holland enters game as pitcher.
Brent Rooker enters game as pinch hitter, replacing Jake Cave.
Brent Rooker hit by pitch.
Andrelton Simmons enters game as pinch runner, replacing Brent Rooker.
Ryan Jeffers flies out to right.
Luis Arraez grounds into a double play, shortstop to third to first. Andrelton Simmons out at second. Luis Arraez out at first.
Top 8th
Detroit Nick Gordon moves from shortstop to left field.
Andrelton Simmons remains in the game at shortstop.
Miguel Cabrera flies out to right.
Jeimer Candelario strikes out.
Harold Castro hit by pitch.
Eric Haase flies out to center.
Bottom 8th
Minnesota Joe Jimenez enters game as pitcher.
Byron Buxton hit by pitch.
Byron Buxton steals second. Byron Buxton on error by Eric Haase, advances to third.
Jorge Polanco strikes out.
Josh Donaldson walks.
Max Kepler singles to center. Byron Buxton scores. Josh Donaldson to second.
Miguel Sano walks. Josh Donaldson to third. Max Kepler to second.
Nick Gordon out on a sacrifice fly to center. Josh Donaldson scores.
Andrelton Simmons flies out to left.
Top 9th
Detroit Alex Colome enters game as pitcher.
Niko Goodrum strikes out.
Daz Cameron hit by pitch.
Akil Baddoo singles to left. Daz Cameron to second.
Jonathan Schoop singles to center. Daz Cameron scores. Akil Baddoo to second.
Robbie Grossman flies out to right.
Miguel Cabrera grounds out, third to first.