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Baltimore 6, Boston 3
When: 1:05 PM ET, Thursday, March 4, 2021
Where: Ed Smith Stadium, Sarasota, Florida
Temperature: 71°
Umpires: Home - Jeremy Riggs, 1B - Bill Welke, 2B - Chad Fairchild, 3B - Ryan Additon
Attendance: 1702
Final Scoring Summary
Boston 210000---352
Baltimore 003030---630
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Top 1st
Jonathan Arauz pops out to shortstop.
Jarren Duran doubles to left.
Christian Arroyo strikes out.
Bobby Dalbec walks.
Yairo Munoz walks. Jarren Duran to third. Bobby Dalbec to second.
Cesar Puello singles to shortstop. Jarren Duran scores. Bobby Dalbec to third. Yairo Munoz to second.
Michael Gettys walks. Bobby Dalbec scores. Yairo Munoz to third. Cesar Puello to second.
Nick Yorke flies out to center.
Spenser Watkins enters game as pitcher.
Bottom 1st
Baltimore Cedric Mullins flies out to right.
Trey Mancini grounds out, third to first.
Anthony Santander grounds out, second to first.
Top 2nd
Boston Jett Bandy pops out to third.
Jonathan Arauz lines out to right.
Jarren Duran homers to right.
Christian Arroyo lines out to center.
Dean Kremer enters game as pitcher.
Bottom 2nd
Baltimore Pedro Severino lines out to center.
Ramon Urias lines out to right.
Yusniel Diaz strikes out.
Top 3rd
Boston Bruce Zimmermann enters game as pitcher.
Bobby Dalbec strikes out to home.
Yairo Munoz strikes out, catcher to first.
Cesar Puello singles to left.
Michael Gettys strikes out to home.
Bottom 3rd
Baltimore Tanner Houck enters game as pitcher.
Yolmer Sanchez flies out to left.
Rylan Bannon walks.
Ryan McKenna walks. Rylan Bannon to second.
Cedric Mullins doubles to center. Rylan Bannon scores. Ryan McKenna to third.
Trey Mancini walks.
Anthony Santander walks. Ryan McKenna scores. Cedric Mullins to third. Trey Mancini to second.
Durbin Feltman enters game as pitcher.
Pedro Severino out on a sacrifice fly to center. Cedric Mullins scores. Trey Mancini to third.
Ramon Urias grounds out, second to first.
Top 4th
Boston Nick Yorke strikes out, catcher to first.
Jett Bandy lines out to third.
Jonathan Arauz grounds out, shortstop to first.
Bottom 4th
Baltimore Tanner Houck enters game as pitcher.
Yusniel Diaz grounds out, second to first.
Yolmer Sanchez singles to second. Yolmer Sanchez on error by Jonathan Arauz, advances to third.
Rylan Bannon walks.
Stephen Gonsalves enters game as pitcher.
Ryan McKenna strikes out.
Cedric Mullins strikes out.
Top 5th
Boston Stevie Wilkerson enters the game, playing center field. Cedric Mullins leaves the game.
Taylor Davis enters the game, playing catcher. Pedro Severino leaves the game.
Travis Lakins Sr. enters game as pitcher.
Jarren Duran strikes out.
Christian Arroyo singles to center.
Bobby Dalbec strikes out.
Yairo Munoz grounds into a force out to second. Christian Arroyo out at second.
Bottom 5th
Baltimore Jonathan Arauz moves from second base to third base.
Yairo Munoz remains in the game at designated hitter.
Nick Yorke moves from designated hitter to second base.
Roldani Baldwin enters the game, playing catcher. Jett Bandy leaves the game.
Trey Mancini flies out to right.
Anthony Santander walks.
Terrin Vavra enters game as pinch runner, replacing Anthony Santander.
Taylor Davis walks.
Ramon Urias homers to right. Terrin Vavra scores. Taylor Davis scores.
Yusniel Diaz pops out into foul territory to first.
Terrin Vavra on error by Stephen Gonsalves, advances to second.
Rylan Bannon out at third.
Top 6th
Boston Chris Shaw enters the game, playing first base. Trey Mancini leaves the game.
Terrin Vavra remains in the game at designated hitter.
Mason McCoy enters the game, playing shortstop. Ramon Urias leaves the game.
Eric Hanhold enters game as pitcher.
Cesar Puello grounds out, first to pitcher.
Michael Gettys flies out to left.
Nick Yorke strikes out.
Bottom 6th
Baltimore Phillips Valdez enters game as pitcher.
Yolmer Sanchez strikes out.
Rylan Bannon strikes out to home.
Ryan McKenna walks.
Stevie Wilkerson flies out to center.