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Boston 6, Tampa Bay 5
When: 1:05 PM ET, Friday, March 5, 2021
Where: JetBlue Park at Fenway South, Fort Myers, Florida
Temperature: 75°
Umpires: Home - Jeff Nelson, 1B - Sam Holbrook, 2B - Marvin Hudson, 3B - Ryan Additon
Attendance: 1909
Final Scoring Summary
Tampa Bay 0101120--582
Boston 4000002--661
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Top 1st
Tampa Bay
Joey Wendle strikes out.
Francisco Mejia singles to right.
Brandon Lowe grounds out, third to first. Francisco Mejia to second.
Michael Brosseau flies out to right.
Bottom 1st
Boston Enrique Hernandez walks.
Alex Verdugo doubles to right. Enrique Hernandez to third.
J.D. Martinez on error by Moises Gomez, reaches first. Enrique Hernandez scores. Alex Verdugo to third.
Rafael Devers walks. Alex Verdugo scores. J.D. Martinez on wild pitch, advances to second.
Hunter Renfroe singles to left. J.D. Martinez scores. Rafael Devers to third.
Marwin Gonzalez doubles to right. Rafael Devers scores. Hunter Renfroe to third.
Hunter Renfroe out at third.
Christian Arroyo out at third.
Jonathan Arauz out at first.
Top 2nd
Tampa Bay Brett Phillips grounds out to first.
Joseph Odom grounds out, second to first.
Garrett Whitley flies out to right.
Moises Gomez homers to center.
Bottom 2nd
Boston Diego Castillo enters game as pitcher.
Christian Vazquez flies out to center.
Christian Arroyo singles to center.
Christian Arroyo caught stealing second, catcher to second.
Michael Gettys grounds out, shortstop to first.
Top 3rd
Tampa Bay Tristan Gray hit by pitch.
Joey Wendle lines out to left.
Francisco Mejia strikes out.
Thad Ward enters game as pitcher.
Brandon Lowe lines out to second.
Bottom 3rd
Boston Joe Ryan enters game as pitcher.
Enrique Hernandez strikes out.
Alex Verdugo pops out to third.
J.D. Martinez flies out to right.
Top 4th
Tampa Bay Jarren Duran enters the game, playing center field. Alex Verdugo leaves the game.
Connor Wong enters the game, playing catcher. Christian Vazquez leaves the game.
Kyle Hart enters game as pitcher.
Michael Brosseau homers to right.
Brett Phillips strikes out.
Joseph Odom strikes out.
Moises Gomez strikes out.
Bottom 4th
Boston Chris Ellis enters game as pitcher.
Rafael Devers grounds out to first.
Hunter Renfroe strikes out.
Marwin Gonzalez pops out to second.
Top 5th
Tampa Bay Cesar Puello enters the game, playing right field. Hunter Renfroe leaves the game.
Marcus Wilson enters the game, playing left field. Michael Gettys leaves the game.
Garrett Whitley strikes out.
Tristan Gray singles to left.
Wander Franco enters game as pinch hitter, replacing Joey Wendle.
Wander Franco singles to center. Tristan Gray to second.
Francisco Mejia walks. Tristan Gray to third. Wander Franco to second.
Brandon Lowe out on a sacrifice fly to right. Tristan Gray scores. Wander Franco to third.
Taylor Walls enters game as pinch hitter, replacing Michael Brosseau.
Taylor Walls strikes out.
Bottom 5th
Boston Wander Franco remains in the game at shortstop.
Xavier Edwards enters the game, playing second base. Brandon Lowe leaves the game.
Taylor Walls remains in the game at third base.
Nathan Lukes enters the game, playing center field. Brett Phillips leaves the game.
Brett Sullivan enters the game, playing left field. Moises Gomez leaves the game.
Chris Betts enters the game, playing catcher. Joseph Odom leaves the game.
Miles Mastrobuoni enters the game, playing right field. Garrett Whitley leaves the game.
Dalton Kelly enters the game, playing first base. Tristan Gray leaves the game.
Christian Vazquez singles to shortstop.
Christian Arroyo grounds into a double play, second to shortstop to first. Christian Vazquez out at second. Christian Arroyo out at first.
Connor Wong grounds out, pitcher to first.
Top 6th
Tampa Bay Jeter Downs enters the game, playing shortstop. Enrique Hernandez leaves the game.
Jonathan Arauz enters the game, playing third base. Rafael Devers leaves the game.
Michael Chavis enters the game, playing first base. Marwin Gonzalez leaves the game.
Kevin McCarthy enters game as pitcher.
Nathan Lukes flies out to right.
Chris Betts on error by Michael Chavis, reaches first.
Brett Sullivan fouls out to third.
Miles Mastrobuoni singles to left. Chris Betts to second.
Dalton Kelly singles to center. Chris Betts scores. Miles Mastrobuoni to third.
Wander Franco singles to center. Miles Mastrobuoni scores. Dalton Kelly to second.
Francisco Mejia grounds out, second to first.
Bottom 6th
Boston Dietrich Enns enters game as pitcher.
Marcus Wilson strikes out, catcher to first.
Jarren Duran strikes out.
J.D. Martinez fouls out to first.
Top 7th
Tampa Bay Xavier Edwards fouls out to third.
Taylor Walls grounds out, second to first.
Nathan Lukes strikes out.
Bottom 7th
Boston Drew Strotman enters game as pitcher.
Jonathan Arauz on error by Xavier Edwards, reaches first.
Cesar Puello strikes out.
Michael Chavis homers to right. Jonathan Arauz scores.